Spy Hard and Big

Nicole loves to watch movies and always dreams about the movies she watches. Spy movies are a favorite and she falls asleep watching a James Bond movie. In her dream, she imagines Amanda and her as a spy team that have to get information out of a gorgeous female Russian agent. They don’t use guns but something much bigger!

Priya hates Candy

Tommy rushes to Smitha’s house to change into Candy. He can’t wait to slip into something silky and sexy. Looking through Smitha’s closet, he wants something new and hot. Why not try Priya’s room? Tommy finds Priya’s famous pantyhose collection and is determined to try on every pair but……Priya comes home early!

Candy for the Landlady

In “Behind in the Rent,” Christine could not pay the rent so her Latina shemale landlady fucked her silly. Christine left a lot of her stuff behind. When Tommy hears this story, he thinks that Candy can charm her way into the Latina landlady’s heart. Candy gets something throbbing from the landlady but it’s not her heart!

Search Warrant

In “Busted,” Priya was taken to the police station when she gets caught drinking in the woods. Officer Maggie found out Priya was a Tgirl, used her strap-on and fucked Priya hard. Seems Officer Maggie wants some more hot Indian ass. With Smitha away on business, Priya is home all alone when Officer Maggie comes for some kinky fun!

A Taste of Ginger

While on campus listening to a lecture, Priya meets Ginger, an officer in the British Navy. Ginger is a mature female but Priya can tell she is a Tgirl right away. After coffee and some flirting, Priya invite Ginger to come home with her. It is not long before Ginger finds out what a wonderful ass Priya has!

The Shopaholic

Amanda and Nicole are on a European vacation. Nicole wants to have fun with a couple escorts but Amanda is having way to much fun shopping and spending all the money! Amanda sees a shoe store and can’t resist going in. The salesman thinks he found a sucker that will buy tons of shoes. He quickly finds that Amanda and Nicole are not your normal customers!

Ice Baby

There is a company secret that is so important, Alexis has to go herself to get it. This secret formula could mean hundreds of millions of dollars for the company. Coming back from Norway, the helicopter is forced to land and passes out. When she comes to, she meets a mysterious Russian Dickgirl. There is some hot sex but, is there more to this story?

The Blowjob

Who gives the best blow job? This is a question that comes up between Amanda and Nicole. We all know that this question can’t be answered by words so, when they see Lisa Jane in the mall, the contest is on! The new assistant Lyndsay doesn’t have a cock but is still part of the competition. Who wins? Can’t spoil that for you! 😉